Staging & Interior Design


Staging & Interior Design


At MARX-JENSEN Designs we understand how necessary it is for potential buyers to emotionally connect with your home.  Staging your property helps buyers envision themselves living there and raising a family, comfortably entertaining guests or perhaps just having a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper.  We strive to capture the essence of the home's soul and package it accordingly so it has great appeal to the likely buyer.


It's true, first impressions mean a lot.  Every person trying to sell a property has less than a minute to get the buyer's attention once they are inside your home.  But don't forget:  a buyer will spend time outside the house looking around, too - especially at the front door as the agent works to open the lock.  

At MARX-JENSEN, we have a broad perspective of what Home Staging should include and so we look around the entire property- inside and outside - and offer suggestions for what needs to happen to sell quickly and for top dollar.  These findings are detailed in a professional home staging proposal.  

We believe that our job is more than making your rooms attractive. If we see obvious issues such as drainage problems, rotting wood around the windows, or any other repair that needs to be made, we will discuss these issues with you because it is important to have these corrected before listing.  And as a professional home Stager, we will always prepare your home so that it appeals to the broadest audience of potential buyers.


Capturing the Essence of a Home

  1. Homes that are staged sell on average 37 days or less and for more money than homes that aren’t.

  1.    An ASP will cost less than a decorator because your own furnishings are used.

  1. Staging your home will cost less than your first price reduction.

  1. Staged homes often go for a higher sales price.

• Buyers view staged homes as well-cared for—certainly a plus.

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